Welcome Back!

Hello all, Sorry for my lengthy hiatus, but I'm happy to announce that I will be back to regularly blogging about my summer research in the Song Lab, science, sports, education, and much more! Last summer we almost reached 10,000 views with only a handful of articles. Let's keep the conversation going this summer. I …

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Why Becoming an Amgen Scholar Was the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

"Becoming an Amgen Scholar was the best decision I've ever made because I will forever remember the people that I met and the memories that we've created. You can put a price on education and a stipend on being a summer researcher, but you cannot measure the value of having lifelong friends.

Amgen Scholars Summer Symposium

'"The Amgen Scholars program has been an incredibly didactic experience; it has solidified my desire to pursue a career as a physician-scientist. The program is much more than a summer research fellowship, though."

Juniata College: Pennsylvania’s best kept secret

Making the right college decision comes down to one thing above all — fit.

How to land the internship of your choice

The most important thing in applying for internships is to apply with a purpose. If 1,000 people apply to the same program as you, chances are about over half have similar grades, honors, and work/research experience as you. So, how do you set yourself apart?

Have a desire to learn…everything, not just want you “want to do”

Career plans are good. They help you establish a goal based upon your interests. But interests are ever-changing, so should we not be open to change as well? The worst thing an undergraduate student can do is convince themselves that their plan should be concrete and that if they change their plan, they have somehow failed …

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Hello world!

Howdy! This is my personal blog for all things education, health professions/medicine, sports, and life. All opinions and statements are my own unless otherwise noted. I encourage feedback, other viewpoints, and most importantly, I embrace debate! Also, this is the place to follow my experience working in Dr. Sheng-Kwei (Victor) Song's lab at the Washington University …

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