My Story

“Hey Doc, will I ever be able to read without my eyes bouncing off every word and having to redirect them to the page? When will I gain control of the thoughts that pass through my mind?” “I can’t answer those questions, Sam, but I’m sure you will be fine sooner rather than later.” “Doc, …

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On the Election 2016 Aftermath

Anger and Resentment. Jubilation and Relief. Two very different reactions to the most divisive, disliked president-elect in the history of American politics. A deeper investigation into the feelings of jubilation and relief of those who voted for Donald Trump unearths the same feelings of anger and resentment that nearly 60 million Hillary Clinton supporters currently …

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On Study Abroad

I've been studying abroad for less than two months, but it is already clear to me that an experience abroad teaches one more than any class possibly can. Regardless of what you study, or your employment, time abroad unlocks a plethora of thought processes for the human mind; it provides real-world experiential learning to  contextualize that which …

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Science Is The Most Unprejudiced Thing We Have

Science's main goal is to increase our knowledge about life and worldly processes that enable us to advance the way we live. Science, then, can be broken down into two aspects—(I) how science affects us, and (II) how we affect science.

Are doctors too complacent?

There is a big difference between a doctor saying, "I'm not sure what is wrong" and ending the conversation with a prescription for a drug that may or may not work, and "I'm not sure what is wrong, yet."

Why Becoming an Amgen Scholar Was the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

"Becoming an Amgen Scholar was the best decision I've ever made because I will forever remember the people that I met and the memories that we've created. You can put a price on education and a stipend on being a summer researcher, but you cannot measure the value of having lifelong friends.