My Story

“Hey Doc, will I ever be able to read without my eyes bouncing off every word and having to redirect them to the page? When will I gain control of the thoughts that pass through my mind?” “I can’t answer those questions, Sam, but I’m sure you will be fine sooner rather than later.” “Doc, …

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Amgen Scholars Summer Symposium

'"The Amgen Scholars program has been an incredibly didactic experience; it has solidified my desire to pursue a career as a physician-scientist. The program is much more than a summer research fellowship, though."

Juniata College: Pennsylvania’s best kept secret

Making the right college decision comes down to one thing above all — fit.

Hello world!

Howdy! This is my personal blog for all things education, health professions/medicine, sports, and life. All opinions and statements are my own unless otherwise noted. I encourage feedback, other viewpoints, and most importantly, I embrace debate! Also, this is the place to follow my experience working in Dr. Sheng-Kwei (Victor) Song's lab at the Washington University …

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