Science Is The Most Unprejudiced Thing We Have

Science's main goal is to increase our knowledge about life and worldly processes that enable us to advance the way we live. Science, then, can be broken down into two aspects—(I) how science affects us, and (II) how we affect science.

Football soon will not be the same and that’s a good thing

"Football has perpetuated a culture of lies, fraud, and coverups of the most appalling order."

Why Becoming an Amgen Scholar Was the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

"Becoming an Amgen Scholar was the best decision I've ever made because I will forever remember the people that I met and the memories that we've created. You can put a price on education and a stipend on being a summer researcher, but you cannot measure the value of having lifelong friends.

Have a desire to learn…everything, not just want you “want to do”

Career plans are good. They help you establish a goal based upon your interests. But interests are ever-changing, so should we not be open to change as well? The worst thing an undergraduate student can do is convince themselves that their plan should be concrete and that if they change their plan, they have somehow failed …

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